School Board


The St. Gerard’s Catholic School Board seeks competent and dedicated people to serve on it. Parents who have an interest in the welfare of the students and staff and are eager to promote Catholic schooling may seek membership of the Board as a means of giving valuable service to the school community. The most important skill necessary for serving on the Board is the ability to work co-operatively and constructively with all other Board members.


a}     Possession of specific skills that will be an asset to the Board

b}     A deep interest in welfare of students and staff;

c}     A desire to give service to the community;

d}     A keenness to promote Catholic schooling;

e}     A sufficiency of time to devote to Board duties.

The general objective of the School Board is to help the Catholic school fulfill its educational responsibilities in accordance with its Constitution, in accordance with the policies and practices prescribed or recommended by the Catholic Education Commission of WA.  The Board plans for the present and future operations of the school and manages the finances associated with the school.

The members are elected from the parent body and other interested persons and also includes the Parish Priest and Principal as ex-officio members. Elections are held in November at the AGM, each year. 

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