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TERM 2, WEEK 8, 20th June 2018.



Dear Parents & Guardians


First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our First Holy Communion candidates who received the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist last Sunday 17th June. Thank you to our school families for supporting your children with their spiritual and faith journey. I’m appreciative of the support given to the sacramental program by teachers, coordinators and Parish.


School Hat

School Hats are now in stock at Lowes, Mirrabooka. All students are required to have a school hat which has the school emblem. No other hat should be worn at school. Students without a correct hat will not be able to play beyond the undercover area.


Student School Reports

Each child from Pre-Primary to Year Six will take home their semester one school report next Tuesday 26th June. Please note that the grading system which is explained in each school report is based on a five point scale; ‘A’ for excellent achievement, ‘B’ for high achievement, ‘C’ for satisfactory achievement, ‘D’ for limited achievement and ‘E’ for very low achievement. If your child receives a ‘C’ grade they are achieving at the required level for their year. A ‘C’’ grade is cause for CELEBRATION!

Many of our students will be receiving a ‘D’ grade as they are slightly below the target for Semester One. This could be because of learning factors, attendance, effort or other reasons. Your child’s teacher will be able to tell you in which area your child needs to improve to reach the grade above their current achievement. The comments in English, Maths and the general comment will also explain your child’s strengths and learning needs moving into Semester Two.

Grades are also issued against standards for all students across Australia and not just against their peers here at St Gerard’s. This means that there are many skills and understandings in each learning area that need to be mastered before a ‘C’ grade or higher can be given.

If you have any queries about your child’s school report please make a time to see your child’s teacher who will be very happy to meet with you.


Environmental Education

From next term, St Gerard’s students will be encouraged to bring along their morning recess and lunch in a reusable container and limit the amount of wrappers and disposable packaging. The school will collect all fruit scraps to use in our worm farm and compost bin. All other uneaten food and wrappers will be taken home by students to be recycled (if suitable) or disposed of. In this way parents might see the amount of rubbish produced and work with your child to try and reduce the amount of rubbish through packaging. Each Wednesday students will be encouraged to participate in ‘Waste-free Wednesday’ where students are asked to pack their snacks and lunch in re-usable containers and avoid bringing any wrapping and packaging to school. Thank you for your support of this environmentally friendly initiative. Our Earth needs your help!


Kindergarten Enrolments 2019

Interviews are underway for Kindergarten and pre-Kindergarten places for next year. Students who turn 4 years of age between July 1st 2014 and June 30 2015 are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2019. Any child turning 3 years of age in 2019 is eligible to join the pre-Kindergarten program once they turn 3. Please visit the School office for an enrolment form and to arrange an interview. Please let family & friends know that enrolments are being organised for 2019 now. Thanks!


Pupil Free Day

Please note that Friday 29th June is a pupil free day as staff will be working on professional development. There is no school on this day making Thursday 28th June the last day of term. School resumes in Term 3 on Tuesday 17th July. Happy and safe holidays everyone.

The Term 3 Planner is contained in this newsletter.


Best wishes!

Mark Miloro


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