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TERM 4, WEEK 9, 5th December 2018.






Dear Parents & Guardians



Congratulations to Mrs von Bergheim on preparing this year’s Nativity presentation. It was an amazing effort to involve all the children in the school! Thank you to the children for presenting their songs with so much joy and happiness. They looked and sounded sensational!



At our recent AGM, two additional School Board members were elected to serve on the 2019 School Board. Joining Clare Browne, Norberto Flamenco, Kaye Flamenco, Cristelia Duffy and Lien Le are Tom Monks and Moses Rogers. Thanks for nominating Tom & Moses and welcome to the St Gerard’s School Board.


Also at the AGM, news that Mrs Lombardo will be leaving St Gerard’s at the end of the year was confirmed. Mrs Lombardo has been offered a promotional position within the Northern Territory Catholic Education system. I would like to thanks Mrs Lombardo for working tirelessly for the students and their families, most recently as Year 6 teacher, in her seven years here at St Gerard’s. Good luck Yolanda!


Other staff news presented at the AGM follows:


School Secretary: Mrs Valerie Quick

School Administrative Officer: Mrs Tanya Cooper

School Gardens & Cleaning: Mr Derrick Quick

Pre Kindergarten & Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs Joy Gordon

Pre Kindy Education Assistant: Mrs Gaye Ontal

Kindergarten Education Assistants: Mrs Pina Torre & Gaye Ontal

Pre Primary Teacher: Mrs Liza Britton

Pre Primary Education Assistant: Mrs Amanda Brazier

Year One Teacher: Miss Carly Vartesi

Year One Education Assistant: Mrs Alison Fitt

Year Two Teacher:  Mrs Halina Laurence

Year Three/Four Teacher: Mrs Martine Sheppard (Terms 2-4)    & Mrs Jessica Favaro (Term 1)

Year Two & Three Education Assistant & Library Assistant: Mrs  Linda Migro

Year Four/Five Teacher: Mr Brendan Evans

Year Six Teacher:  Miss Vanessa Collova

Year Four/Five, Six & Special Education Assistant: Mrs Michelle Camps

Student Learning Support, Language Teacher & Assistant Principal: Mrs Josephine Vivante

Library Teacher: Mrs Liz Di Carlo

Music Teacher: Mrs Julie von Bergheim

Sports Teacher: Mrs Julie Goode

Science Teacher: Mrs Danielle Wardrope (Term 1) & Mrs Jessica Favaro (Terms 2-4)

Social Worker: Sr Sandra Smolinski

Individual Student Support: Mrs Cathy Wyatt

Principal: Mr Mark Miloro

Mrs Juscinta Staley & Mrs Christina La Cava will be on parental leave in 2019.



Congratulations to our Year 6 students who celebrated Mass and then supper as part of their Graduation celebrations last Wednesday evening and also attended the Thanksgiving Mass where they were involved in handing over leadership responsibility to the Year 5 students. We wish the Year 6 students well as they leave Primary School and begin a new chapter in their lives as they head off to High School next year. Good luck and remember to always be the best person you can be!



Student school reports have been prepared by each classroom teacher and were distributed to students yesterday. Should you have any queries please make a time to see your child’s teacher. Teachers have also prepared a collection of photos and video footage of highlights from your child’s class. This has been placed on to a usb for each family.



Good wishes to all families throughout this Christmas-time. To families who are finishing their journey here at St Gerard’s, lots of blessings for a bright future ahead.                             To returning families we look forward to seeing you on the first day of school in 2019, Monday 4th February.


Best wishes and stay safe!


Mark Miloro


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