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Mision/Vision of St Gerard's Primary School

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St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School is a faith community where its members live in TRUTHLOVE and MERCY so that each person is encouraged to develop their full potential as living witnesses to Christ.

Our Mission

At St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School, we are committed to creating a positive and friendly learning environment where all children are valued and their uniqueness is accepted and celebrated. Every child at St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School is given the opportunity to reach their full potential in all facets, including spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical attributes.

We interact with all members of our community respectfully and foster each person’s faith to encourage them to become a living witness to Christ in a loving environment. We aim to interact positively with the environment in which we live. Further, we appreciate and value the universe with all its mystery and diversity. Through the teaching and nurturing of our faith we endeavour to walk together, like Christ, in the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.