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Religious Education at St Gerard's Catholic Primary School

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Religious Education Program

St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School is committed to providing a quality education, which embraces the full spiritual growth and development of our students

The school commits itself to nourishing the faith of its students, hence imparting a deep knowledge of Christ and giving the opportunity of communion with Christ through the Sacramental life of the Christian community.

Religious Education is our first Learning Area and the school offers a contemporary, meaningful and comprehensive program. The Religious Education program follows the guidelines set out by the Archdiocese and the Catholic Education Commission. All St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School students are expected to participate in the Religious Education program of the school. Religious education lessons from Kindergarten to Year Six are in addition to prayer and participation in Liturgies of the Word and Eucharist. It is through this lived faith that our school values of ‘TRUTH – LOVE – MERCY’ are enriched and embedded in the heart and life of our school.  As a faith community, we are called to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and be courageous Catholics who live our lives serving the mission of the Church. Our school community is deeply enriched through the active support of the Parish Priest and Assistant Parish Priest.

Sacramental Program

St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School students participate in the parish-based, family-focused, and school supported Sacramental Program conducted by the parish each year. Students are prepared for the Sacraments of Penance (Reconciliation), Eucharist and Confirmation respectively. Baptised Catholic students, new to the school, in Years Five and Six who wish to partake in the reception of Eucharist and students new to the school in Years Four to Six who wish to receive the Sacrament of Penance will be instructed through the year. St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School and St Gerard’s Majella Catholic Church also welcome new families who may wish to have their child/children baptised in the Catholic faith.  Parents are an integral part of the preparation for the Sacraments. All Sacramental Programs include learning activities for the candidates, retreat opportunities and parent/carer and child preparation workshops.