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Support programs at St Gerard's Catholic Primary School

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Support programs

We believe that all students are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential.

When children experience learning difficulties, it can impact their academic progress as well as their emotional, social and behavioural development. At St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that early intervention is essential in ensuring in all children can participate meaningfully in learning experiences. Support is provided in the classroom, through individual learning plans and support programs.

Within the classroom, teachers develop and implement programs that are tailored to individual learners. We use flexible groupings, technology, visual timetables and supported learning opportunities. Our Educational Assistants also support our learners in the classroom. Teachers use a wide range of assessment tools, including standardised testing to identify what students know and where a student may require support. High-quality classroom teaching and intensive small-group intervention lessons enable our children to accelerate their progress.

Literacy Support

St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School offers literacy support in all year levels. Children participate in a small group, intervention programs specifically designed to support children who are in need. The aim of literacy intervention is to support students in meeting their year level targets in reading, writing and spelling.

Numeracy Support

St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School offers numeracy support in year one through the Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) program. The EMU program is a research-based intervention program focussing on the early years of schooling. It has been shown to improve children’s learning and confidence in Mathematics.

The EMU program involves intensive 30-minute, daily sessions for groups of three children over a period of ten to twenty weeks with a teacher who has undergone training to gain the qualification to teach the program as well as attend regular, ongoing professional development sessions.